The Christmas Nativity Carvings 2014

I have been intending to carve up some nativity figures for nearly a year now and finally got round to doing them earlier this year. All of the figures below were carved from silver birch and then painted with acrylic paints.

The first figure I carved (I should also add that this was my first human figure that I carved) was an angel. The angel measures roughly 6 inches in height and has sapele wings that I cut out on my scroll saw. She also has a copper halo made with copper wire with beads threaded through it. This was also the first project I used my new carvers vice with as you can see from the picture below. To find out more about how to build my carvers vice Click Here

DSC_3948 cIMG_0771

After carving the angel I decided to try and progress further with carving the human form and decided to carve up some wise men. These are the finished results. Again, the same height as the angel. Two of these were carved during the Mucking Marvels Exhibition at the Thurrock Thameside Nature Park in September this year (2014)


After these were finished I decided then to create an entire nativity scene to sell at an upcoming Christmas Market. However due to lack of time I couldn’t carve the remaining figures to the same size and so instead reduced the size down dramatically. The figures below are the result and measure roughly 3 inches in height. As these were small I would whittle them out with my knife. These were then sanded and painted.


I then decided to have a stab at creating a little stable for the figures to sit in and this was create from pieces of offcuts from Dave’s workshop.


A groove was then added to the back using a plough plane (we don’t use routers) and then a piece of perspex was fitted. The scene in the background I painted and I think it finishes if off quite nicely.


All the carvings together in the cabinet ready for the Christmas Market.


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