My Garden’s Working Progress 2010

On 16th July 2010 we moved into our first house after waving our flat behind that we had been living in for over 3 years. This is my first garden that I have full control over. I used to do gardening at my parents but didn’t have much say in the “design” of things.

This is how the garden looked the day we moved in. A 116ft garden, complete with 2 garages, a rotten shed (behind the garage on the right), driveway and overgrown privet hedge (forgot to mention the washing line)



(Another shot but with the pergola removed)



Pictures of the rotten shed behind one of the garages. The roof was very close to caving in but full of things the previous owners left behind.

My plans were to take up the driveway but leave one of garages for a workshop for the other half, who is into his woodworking.

After a few months we had built a potting shed, greenhouse and removed both the garages and rotten shed. Even though we had intended to keep one garage we quickly found out that the roof was leaking very badly. It was therefore decided to replace them both with a brand new shed for the other half, which cost the same as replacing the roof on the garage anyway.

Unfortunately Other half thought he would be able to get away with mounting thee whole thing on bricks and quickly realised he would need a concrete base for it. While this was taking place his large workshop sat assembled against the garden wall.


The picture below was taken on the day the workshop was erected. The rotten old shed can be seen leaning against the wall.


We ended up auctioning both garages off on ebay, as we were not sure about dismantling them ourselves. After a few days an offer was made on both garages and we accepted. They were both dismantled in a weekend and we were £160 richer.

Here’s a better picture of the workshop, measuring 10′ x 16′. It’s still standing on the two garage bases but had to have a new more even base built on top.


Parts of the rotten old shed were reused to build a compost bin and a place to store my leaves while they decomposed.


A vegetable garden was then created around the greenhouse. This was then enclosed with a picket fence, which I built from scratch.



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