Graphic Artwork

I also dabble in Graphic Artwork for Various Organisations. I am always looking for work and feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page if you are interested in my services.

This page I’ve made to showcase some of my digital artwork I have been asked to do in the past two years by various people and organisations, but some also for myself.

I use hand drawn line images, which are then converted to a digital format and then coloured in using both Paint and Inkscape computer programs.

 Promotional Artwork

I have been working as a volunteer for the Essex Wildlife Trust and have been asked in the past year or so to create several pieces of artwork to aid with advertisement of their upcoming events. Here are a selection of some of them. I should add that most of them are very large images and so have been compressed so the quality may reduce the image quality.

Since then I have been working alongside the centre manager Renae Laybourn at Thameside Nature Park creating promotional artwork for centre events at the Park. Here are some of the ones I would like to show.

Golden Voices

This image I created for the Event Golden Voices which was basically carol singing at the Visitor centre with the local choir group Golden Voices singing Christmas carols.


Christmas Market

Image created for Christmas market held last Christmas at the barns at the nature park. Image below depicts this with the visitor cente in the backgound, alog with the famous Trac-deer.

xmas market xmas market poster

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Created this image to advertise the pumpkin carving event at TTNP. This was later printed in the Thurrock Gazzete.

 halloween IMG_20150103_0001

Meet The Beekeeper

This was created on behalf of an event where local bee keeper Chris Harvey, owner of Thurrock Honey was to open up his beehives which were on site to the public. I was asked to create an image for the poster but failed to meet the deadline and so this image was never used.

beekeeperbeekeeper p

Meet Santa.

This image I created for the promotional poster for the event. Later on though I was asked to crop the image and add text to the image so they could then be turned into badges.

 image3939 10553640_10152893131609853_5206199932132314367_n

Valentines Day Meal

Image created for the upcoming Valentines Day meal which is held at the visitor centre. Have created this poster for the past two years and this is the updated version for 2015.

valentines valentines poster

Easter Egg Hunt

Image created for the upcoming Easter Egg Hunt which is held at the park.

EGG EGG poster

Dawn Chorus

This is another updated poster I have just finished to advise the Nature park’s Dawn Chorus events. Similar to the golden voices image, but with a bit more going for it.

 dcdc poster

Nest Box Building


Pancake Party

An image I drew for the pancake day events at the Thameside Nature Park.


Messy Play

I was then asked to create an image for the upcoming toddler group to be held at the Nature Park every Tuesday. I was given the line messy play and this is what I came up with.


Harbour Porpoise Survey Day

The Marine Conservation Research group along with Essex Wildlife Trust were holding a survey day at TTNP and I was asked to create an image to be used on a poster to convey this.


Summer Solstice

Another poster and image created for the upcoming Summer Events. Inspiration taking from my Dad’s copy of Wishbone Ash’s Live Dates Album.

Spend A Penny

I was given these words “Spend A Penny, Donate a Penny For Wildlife”. The image I would create (if good enough) would then go onto a group of collection boxes mounted onto the toilet doors. A bit of fun really. As you can image my imagination did wonder and then decided to keep it tasteful, simple and also in good humour.


The Solar Eclipse

For the upcoming Solar Eclipse I was asked to create a poster to remind people and also to come down and see it at the visitor centre. A bit of a toughy to draw but took inspiration from the opening titles of 2001: A Space Odyssey (A film I still have yet to see). This is the first promotional artwork I have done entirely digital.

Charity Dog Show

A dog show poster created for Thameside Nature Park.


 Other Works

The following images I have created for people and charities in the past and thought they may be of interest.

Stanford In Bloom Poster Image

Recently I was asked to help out with the ongoing Stanford In Bloom posters to advertise the next meetings to be held. This is what I came up with.

 stan bloompreview 2

SS17 Walkers Poster

I was asked recently to create a poster for the local walking group in Stanford Le Hope. I was asked that it had something to do with Stanford in it. So I chose to put as many landmarks in the background as possible.

ss17 walkers

Hardie Park Opening.

A poster I created for the grand opening of the Hardie Park new hall along with an Easter Egg hunt (which I was told at the time to be called Hardie Hub) this was never used. The organisers however were quite happy to take bits of my image and makers mark thinking that would be OK.


Litter Pick For The Queen

On 5th March 2016 the scouts across the UK took part in a litter pick to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday. I was asked to create the image that would go onto the Queen’s Birthday Card, signed by all who took part on the day. Probably the most difficult idea to come up with but basically took the lion and unicorn from the royal coat of arms and had them picking up litter. This later inspired the most awesome birthday cake which was made by another volunteer

Business Logos & Artwork

Some examples of artwork I have recently been commissioned to do for local businesses.


Beaver Seal logo, as part of a new mastic company.

pre2 pre3

Pigg Brickwork & Construction LTD artwork, modelled on the three little pigs


Mazzy Bouncy Castles Flyer.


One of my first pieces that was used at the Thurrock Thameside Nature Park was the map I hastily drew up to replace the map that was currently being given out at the time of late 2012. This was basically a GPS type map and most visitors I had spoken to found it hard to get their bearings. I took this image and decided to have a go at making it more easy to understand.

This was then eventually printed onto 100,000 leaflets for the nature park. A scan of the leaflet below with my map.

I was then asked to create another map to show both the nature park and the nearby Stanford Warren which is also owned by the Essex Wildlife Trust, who wanted to promote more visitors to visit this site. However it was deemed that the area made the nature park itself look too small and so was never used.


Since then I have been looking for other mapwork to do and recently created this map to highlight the Corringham light railway path on behalf of the Corringham Light Railway Project. This was drawn though a new program and so looks different from the previous maps I had drawn.


Dad’s Birthday Card.

My Dad as you may have read on the Homasapian page of this blog has a big thing for planes and so it made sense to make his card reflect this. The planes are based on the DH-88 Comet


Business Cards

A number of my friends recently have asked me to create images for their business cards. Two of them are camera dealers, one dealing in old plate cameras and so created images and the cards for them. The finished articles can be seen below.

Another very good friend of mine wanted some for his gardening work he has been doing. He asked for something flowery and this is the end result. A combination of a number of images i have done over the years are inserted into the trees and undergrowth. But not many people will be able to spot this.

card 1

More to come…..


2 thoughts on “Graphic Artwork

  1. Renae Laybourn

    The posters you created for me at Essex Wildlife Trust Thurrock Thameside Nature Park were awesome and helped make our events successful with all the bookings.

    Liked by 1 person

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