Fauna (Other Animals)

This page is for all the animals, both mammals and insects I have created so far this year. These are not as detailed as other carvers out there, but have concluded this to be part of my style. Here are some of my best projects I would like to show.

Walnut Bumble Bee 


This bumble bee was made in late 2013. This was when I started to experiment with the use of my rotary tools and found that it shaped areas such as the wings quite well. This was made using two pieces of offcuts of Walnut which I laminated together before carving. This bumble bee I was quite pleased with and decided I would not part with it, but it was then eventually swapped with the renowned artist Terrance Lambert, you can read more about this trade here

Lolimac’s Hen

DSC_1207DSC_1254 DSC_1252 DSC_1255

My good friend on a gardening forum responded to an appeal I put out for a small bit of chicken wire to help me complete my log store. I received the chicken wire and was then shocked at the amount of postage she had paid to get it here. I insisted I paid her back but she refused. I eventually got her address and sent her this little chicken I had carved, again from Silver Birch. It’s not really in my usual style but she loved it when she received it, which is all that matters to me.

Mick’s Frog

I then ran into my nearby neighbour while dropping off my bird carvings to my local shop and he asked what was in the box so I showed him. He was that impressed that he then commissioned me to carve him a large frog. I should confess I have a phobia of Frogs and Toads but had to bite the bullet and create this one.

IMG_0846Me carving the frog outside in the garden on my new bench vice.

This was again carved from Silver birch, but as I needed a larger piece I had to go to a local wood yard and buy a new log to work with. This carving was going to be outside and so I didn’t see it as being necessary to season the wood. The log I bought had been left outside for some time and discovered that it had spalted slightly as a result, which gave it a bit of interest. I knew I was getting somewhere with the carving when my phobia started to kick in and made me feel uneasy about holding it. My neighbour was very happy with it.

 IMG_20140627_132832719 IMG_20140627_132841523

The finished frog (untreated on the far left) complete with spalting.

Renae’s Dog

DSC_4112 DSC_4117

This was a Christmas present I finished a few weeks back for my friend Renae. She had helped me out get back on my feet both creativity and elsewhere in my life and thought I should show my appreciation for her help. This dog was carved out of Oak with a Walnut ball which I also carved (couldn’t find a ball the right size or right material). From what I gather she loved it.


An example of two cats I recently carved out of mahogany. These are quite large, the standing is about 6 inches tall.

P1030840 P1030623


Another tiny carving made from Sapele, with this chap holding a nut made from walnut.



A large Whale approximately 6 inches high again, carved from solid oak.


More to come……

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