Fat Jolly Santa – Christmas 2014

I was approached by a lady on the last day of my taking part in the Mucking Marvels exhibition (as part of the Thurrock Art Trial) and ask if I could carve her a really fat jolly Santa for her to give to her grandchildren this Christmas. I came up with a plasticine model that I showed her, which she approved of and so began work on the carving. She wanted the piece to be quite large, roughly 8″ high and so this required me to laminate several pieces of Tulip together in order to get a big enough block for me to work with.

The block was first wasted out on the band saw using the profiles I had taken from my plasticine model. (These profiles were increased in size as the model I had made was quite small)

This was then carved over the next couple of days (some shots of it’s progress below), then rasped to curve his features more.

Detailing was then plotted out in pencil to give me more reference points to work on. As you can see in the photo below his lower region still needed a lot of work but at the top half is almost finished. Test colours were also tried out at this point as I could also sand them off if I felt that they were not suitable. You can see that he is still mounted to his block and this was removed once the sanding was done.

Mounting block was removed after he had been sanded. (Didn’t get any pictures of him sanded up before the paint job I’m afraid) Here is the finished result. Complete with Santa’s sack I sewed and that hooks around his hand. I think the lady wants to fill it with sweeties for her grandchildren.

DSC_3798 DSC_3793


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