Dave’s Creations

DSC_6756This section of my blog I have put aside to showcase my other half Dave’s workmanship throughout the years. He has kindly put aside some time to write the following pages for your reading pleasure and in the hope that they may help out other woodworkers out there too.

Dave works for London Underground as a Signal Technician on the Central Line as a day job but in his spare time enjoys building things. He is a very technical minded and enjoys it too. His workshop may be smaller than other woodworkers out there but finds this space more than adequate for his needs as he likes to limit his use of power tools and works mostly with hand tools.

As well as woodworking he enjoys tinkering on his Myfold ML4 lathe and making little projects on it for it too.




Grace’s Keepsake Box July 2012

The Garden Gates March 2013

Grace’s Carving Vice March 2014


The Tool Chest August – September 2013


The Homemade Little Lathe – July-November 2013


Nutcracker – November 2014




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