Birds I’ve Carved

Some of the Birds I have Carved from the very beginning. All of these I have carved from Oak and they are have Walnut beaks to add contrast.

My first one which I made for my Nan for Christmas 2013


Quite a number of my work colleges liked this chap (we called him Robbie the Robin) and soon after one of them commissioned a smaller one without the paint on. This is the finished result


Another college then commissioned me to make her smaller birds which where to be mounted onto wire legs. I made up a prototype for her approval and this was the finished result.


She was happy with this and then asked me to make a few more but in different poses. These are some of the ones I came up with.




 The one with the wings back I then chose to expand upon and enlarge. This is what I came up with.


Other birds I have also created include a bird I carved from Silver birch quite early on. This bird was the first time I had carved into a wood that wasn’t kiln dried and also my first experience with using Silver Birch. This is now my favourite wood to work with as a result.

Here is the working progress of it from start to finish.

The birch log which I used


The bird was then carved and then sanded with a pine beak added

DSC01001    DSC01005

I didn’t really know what to do with him once he was finished and then in the end he was turned into a bookend to prop up my ever expanding book collection. The bookend itself was made by Dave out of some oak length I had bought from a local wood yard. Dave hand planed and then dovetailed the joints together. Does the job quite nicely.


ban etsy



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