About Me

DSC_7484Hi there and welcome to my blog. My Name is Grace Silverwood and I’ve created this blog to help showcase my work throughout the years to the world and I hope to inspire people and give them joy from my work in the process.

I have been a creative person for most of my life. With the help from my Nan has encouraged me to develop my skills from an early age and also has given me the confidence to show them to the world.

I have now branched over into carving, with the help of my partner, Dave, a woodworker and engineer who you can view his projects on this part of the blog. I use the professional name Grace Silverwood for my carving work and the name comes from my love of carving with Silver Birch wood. I have been carving for nearly 2 years and use many other local woods, from oak, walnut, sycamore as well as birch and some soft woods.

I also use many other different materials to create, from paint, to wood, glass and even fabric. My glass paint work can also be seen on this blog too.

I do some voluntary work and was working at Thurrock Thameside Nature Park in Mucking, 2012-2015. But now work for Little Havens Hospice Charity shop in Stanford Le Hope. I also create artwork for other local projects and businesses.


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