Trojan Horse March – April 2016

So after completing my second Noah’s Ark I decided to try something different, another story that didn’t really involve animals.

We all know the story of the Trojan horse and the Greeks storming the walls of troy with this horse they built as an offering to the Trojan’s god Athena in exchange for a safe passage home. Well I decided to try and bring this to life. In hindsight this has been the most complex and involved carving to date. But it’s been worth it. I must have spent well over 24 hours on this in total (but I stopped counting after a certain point I’m afraid)

The work in progress photos are a bit patchy due to my phone’s memory suddenly going wrong and losing most of them in the process.

The original sketch I made for the horse


The horse itself was made from a large offcut of walnut worktop, generously given to me by my neighbour across the road. Without this piece the project wouldn’t have gotten off the ground so thank you for that.

The Walnut worktop to make the horse


The worktop was planed to remove all of the finish and then cut into 5 different pieces. The body and 4 legs.

The horse after all pieces were cut out. This is it loosely clamped together before the legs were cut again


The body then had its tummy removed. This involved ripping two sides and then wasting out the inside of the belly on my bandsaw and then sticking it back together. Unfortunately no pictures survived of this process.

Each leg was then cut on the second face to create a more 3d leg. The drawing below which I drew out as a plan before hand will show what I mean.

The sketch used as a reference for the cutting of the legs


This was all glued together and then a trolley was made from oak, along with drawers at either end for the soldiers to sit in place as they all wouldn’t be able to hide in the belly. Wheels were also turned out of mahogany by myself .

The completed horse on its own.
The drawers either end to hide the other soldiers who couldn’t fit in the belly

The finished horse with his belly removed and soldiers inside.

There are 15 soldiers with this piece. Each solider was carved with a skew knife and then finished off with my rotary tools for the delicate bits. I decided to make 3 poses, in sets of 5. There were 5 men holding spears, 5 archers, 4 swordsman and 1 torch bearer (who would burn down Troy)

The completed soldiers, 5 pence piece for scale
Swordsman. This is the one that I carved out for the video below.

The video below sums up the process involved in making one solider from start to finish.

The video below shows the whole piece being demonstrated by myself. At the time of filming it’s future was uncertain. It has since been sold for the full asking price and is now with it’s new (very happy) owner.



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