Penguins Penguins Penguins!


I’ve had this aim for sometime with my work, which is for it to some how come to life and move. Originally I felt that automata would be the way to go, but I think now this is perhaps a little out of my reach at the moment and so decided to try something else.

How It Was Done.

I have been making films for years but never really with my carvings so the idea struck me to make a stop motion film after not having much success with automatas.

These penguins were turned on my lathe and have a beak turned separately. These were then spray painted black and then a white chest added. Little Santa hats were then made out of bits of felt I had on my sewing machine.

A random thought popped into my head while devising a “plot” for the film. How would these penguins appear? So I thought the easiest was in stop animation would be to have a igloo spaceship. A bit random but it works I think.

The spaceship was made from paper mache. I took an old mixing bowl and covered it with newspaper and pva glue to create a dome.





You can’t have a spaceship without portholes and so these cardboard rins were made and then added to the sides of the ship along with a tunnel.

IMG_20151008_122800167 IMG_20151008_124221330_HDR

Another layer of paper mache was then added over the portholes and the the tunnel. The top of the dome was then cut out as we decided to eventually use this as a box to house all our christmas chocolate in.





Paint was then added as well as detail and a periscope made from an old biro heated and bent in half.

The film took 3 hours to shoot and consisted of 830 frames all stitched together and are on screen for approximately 0.09 seconds each. Sound effects and music were later added and so the film was completed.

Once the film was completed I no longer had any need for these penguins and so these were sold off at £2 each yesterday at my local Christmas Market.



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