Moosing Around (aka Moose Commisson)

A recent completed commission for a moose. Carved out of Mahogany with walnut antlers.

The body. This was carved out of one lump of mahogany I had left over from another project I had just completed.  I used a reindeer template and adapted it to make it look a bit more moose like. I wanted to make the legs more slender but to keep the whole thing strong it needed to thicker legs.

Moose template and the piece of mahogany used. (The splits above were removed and the others mere surface splits which quickly were removed)
Mid carving the first side
The completed moose body. The legs were split into two pairs after the body was roughly rasped. A final sand and he is finished. A delimena appeared as to whether to add the nostrils or not but decided to do so and this was done with a small engraving point.

The antlers were made from one lump of walnut. I drew out a paper template as a rough guide and then drew wider around this.

The walnut piece cut out. It made sense to have the antlers paired until the last minute so I had something to handle and keep them as symmetrical as possible,
The contours were then formed using burrs.
Then the outside curves on the opposite sides
More of the central handle removed. My paper template in this shot would now play a more important role.
The spines(?) of the antlers was now added using a much smaller burr. (There seems to be a slight fault with this image but you get the idea)
Antlers were then sanded and the handle split into two using a firmer chisel.
The rest of the handle was then removed and the two spigots reduced to a smaller and rounder point.
The moose’s head was then bored into (my only attempt at trepanning) using the pillar drill. This would insure the holes were dead horizontal.

The finished moose with his antlers mounted in place all shellac’d and ready to go to it’s new owner.




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