Valentines Day.

DSC_4258 Valentines Day is that day for all of us to tell the other half how much we love them to bits, buy card and chocolates and go out for fancy meals. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for my other half Dave I’m a cheap skate and don’t believe in the commercialisation of this day, fathers day or mothers day. However I am also a big hypocrite and will happily make things to sell for it too. I was asked to come up with some decorations for the tables of an upcoming romantic meal being held at the nature park I currently volunteer at. These were to be little gifts for the couples to have. In the past Renae had given the lady of the couple a fresh rose but (I’m assuming) thought it would be more practical to have wooden ones as they would be a lasting memento too. So I got to work on coming up with a rose. I was asked to make 15 of these.

valentines poster
The Event Poster, which I made.

These were made from a straight silver birch I had left over from my neighbour tree and these were all turned on my lathe in a row.

Silver Birch before being turned
The birch branch now roughed out and ready to shape.
Halfway Through Shaping
Almost Finished Shaping Them, Using Mostly A Spindle Gouge.

These were then cut to individual lengths.

Halfway Through Cutting Them Off Of The Spindle. Still A Bit Rough Around The Edges.

Then a hole was drilled into the bottom and then detail was added with my power carver.

After Using My Rasp Bit And Just Before The Final Sanding.

These were then mounted to canes and then painted using a tester pot of red paint I had left over from the decorating of our lounge.

The Finished Article.

But What About The Men?! Surely They Didn’t Go Home Empty Handed?!

 No they didn’t. I had also made up some little hearts that I made from Sapele wood that my neighbour was chucking out. This was in good condition apart from the large amount of evenly spaced holes made buy some nailed that had been hammered into it. This didn’t affect the finish though as I just bandsawed around these.

The Finsihed Sapele Hearts
The Finished Sapele Hearts

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