Mothers Day Creations

A Finished Afternoon Tea With My Cake Stands and Tulips in the background.
Yes its that time of the year again when we all put extra special effort into that special lady who brought us up into something to be proud of. Yes its mother’s day again and while most will go out and buy their mum some chocolates, flowers and a cards I decided to make a slightly more lasting effort for my mum.

I personally don’t approve of the commercialisation of the whole day and so refused to go with the grain and decided to make mum both a card and gift. I know my mum likes tulips. I can remember them in our garden when I was young (and many being knocked down by my footballs too) and so decided after the success I had had with my valentine’s roses to have a stab at turning and then carving some tulips.

These turned out to be much easier than I thought and so made mum 5 in the afternoon, mounted them onto canes and then painted them. Here is the finished result.

Mum With Her Tulips On Mothers Day

I will admit that I could have just gone to a shop and bought normal flowers for her but these would still look as fresh as the day I made them for many years to come. I could also post these to her many days in advance too via the postman. Also my mum owns two cats who will demolish any plant life that comes into the house, so it made sense to make them from wood.

I selected a branch that had been cut down from my neighbours silver birch tree well over a year ago and turned these on my lathe like a spindle but with a row of tulips instead. I have no pictures of the process for the tulips but do for the valentines roses I made a month or so ago so this should give you a general idea.

The Tulips Mid Way Through Turning Them On My Lathe
The Completed Row Of Tulips. These ones are made from Ash unlike most of the others which were made from Silver Birch.

These were then cut into individual buds and then power carved with detail. Tulips don’t seem to have as much detail as roses and so these took less time to do.

These were then mounted onto canes and then painted.

DSC_4387I do quite enjoy making these flowers as they are so simple and don’t require a mass of wood or my time to do. I took these down to show my good friend Renae and she liked them so much that she wanted some for her mothers day afternoon tea event for the tables. I was already working on the plate stands for the event, tracking down 30 plates cheaply proved to be quite a challenge but as usual charity shops provided the goods. A big thank you should go out to Gill Wright for making them possible too.

These plates were then decorated with paw prints and then the holes drilled/bored on Dave’s bench drill. I only broke one plate in the process and this was when I dropped it.

Just out of the oven and before drilling
The Finished Cake Stand. With Badger Prints at the bottom, Fox Prints on the Mid and I can’t remember what the top ones are.

And it survived Under all that weight of food too!
So everything came together quite nicely for Mothers Day, the postman had delivered my mum’s flowers and card and all the plate stands and tulips were completed on time. The only thing that could have been better, as with good ole blightly, was the weather, which put a dampener on things. However the mum’s taking part in the afternoon tea seem not to have noticed.Perhaps because of all  the food she had laid on or the effort that Renae had put into the event and it really showed through. It’s people like her who make these events extra special and I hope that she knows that she made many mothers feel extra special today.

Excellent Table Setting By Renae Laybourn.

And The Card?

Well I couldn’t just send my Mum flowers could I? Of Course not! But as I said earlier, I hate the commercialisation of the day and so decided to make my own card in a recycled way.

My Birthday had been a few weeks before and my mum had sent my card in a lovely pink polka dot envelope and this I then kept and reused to make this simple affair. The felt body was made from offcuts I had left over from the cake stand project and the wire antenna were made from strands of copper wire left over from the installation of our electric cooker.

Mums Mothers Day Card
Mums Mothers Day Card

Dave Liked It and so asked me to make one for his mum too. I didn’t have much polka dot paper left and so made the butterflies smaller and used another coloured envelope my sister in law had given me for my birthday too.

The Mother In Laws Card
The Mother In Laws Card

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