My Swap With Wildlife Artist Terence Lambert

So I have been struggling to find a good post to begin my blog with that was considered newsworthy for some time and I have finally found one.

Back in October this year (2014) I was volunteering at the Thameside Nature Park (Mucking) in it’s tearoom and this was during an art exhibition being held here by the artist Terence Lambert. I hadn’t heard of this artist before but found his work pretty impressive and deemed his prices way too out of my budget.

So I continued with my work that day and had brought one of my reindeer along to show my boss Renae and she immediately showed Terence. I gritted my teeth at this point expecting him to look at it say “very nice” and hand it back and continue with who his was talking to. I was then caught off guard by him asking what else I did and we then struck up a conversation about art. I found my portfolio (which I keep on my phone) and he was drawn to this bumble bee I had carved late last year of a bumble bee.


I was quite surprised when he then asked if I still had this and if I was willing to part with it. Strangely enough I had had a conversation with Dave about it before I left saying I wouldn’t part with it for anything as I loved it so much. I then decided to strike up a trade and suggested we exchanged artworks. One of his sketches for my bumble bee. We agreed and Dave later that day bought in the bumble bee, slightly confused as to why I wanted it brought in after saying that I wouldn’t part with it. I then handed it to Terence and he then told me he would put it in his glass cabinet along with his carved warthog he had. He took my name and address and said he would send me a sketch in return. I was most thrilled by this exchange and it also changed how I thought of well known artists. I thought most were very arrogant and unapproachable but found Terence very approachable and he would quite happily sit and chat to myself, other volunteers and also visitors to the nature park, even if they didn’t buy anything. He gave me a lot of good advice too.  I looked into him at a later date and was quite impressed by his past commissions, famous collectors of his work etc, so went away thinking I had possibly made a very good swap indeed.

A month or two later a package arrived on my doorstep addressed to me and was slightly confused as to what it was. I was thrilled to open it and discover this inside. He even drew a little bumble bee on it like he said he would. I received a lovely limited edition  Christmas card too and then returned the gesture by sending him one of mine too. I will forever treasure this and hope that one day I will get to thank him in person for his very generous gesture and giving me a big confidence boost.




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